About Me

So, who I am and what I do?
I am a translator, a researcher, a reader, a writer. And I am a photographer when words fail me. Many times they do!
I owe who I have become to the Horse. For no creature in the world triggered those skills and motivated them such as the Horse did.

You will read articles I wrote, researches I conducted and texts I translated.

And you will view my photographs.

My photographs deliver messages to you; messages about who I am, where I come from, my beliefs, my passsion, and my interpretation of what I see through the lens of the camera. Collectively, these elements form my Identity, the English word for Haweyya. My Haweyya is what I search for and it is what I strive to demonstrate through my photos.

There is no place like Egypt that can provide me with rich material for my work.
Throughout 7000 years, the world’s ancient civilizations have clashed, intertwined and reached the epic of harmony on the soil of Egypt. Our monuments, food traditions, culture, customs and habits and the language manifest how successfully Egypt has absorbed different civilizations and produced a unique entity defined by harmony and co-existence.

The Arabian horse, with all its sublime attributes, serve my purpose of creating a vessel that encases spirituality, morality, values and ethics that human race is giving up on time after time. To me the Arabian horse incarnates all that is spiritual and moral and historical. Looking through a wider scope, I believe that the Arabian horse incarnates the spiritual peace Man seeks.

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