I decided to create this page to share my passion for research in history with you.

While the section Blog of this website is concerned with current events, achievements and articles on today's equitation, this section focuses on history. And the articles published here are closer to the research in form and purpose. However I do my best to avoid the ambiguity and boredom any common reader might encounter when reading an academic research.

Few years ago I decided to embark on a journey to study manuscripts and historical documents. Each year this journey continues to bear its fruit on the personal as well as the professional level.
Therefore I decided to engage the society of horse-breeders worldwide in my findings and start publishing a series of articles on history of the horse and horsemanship in Egypt.

I begin this series with discussing the history of the Mamluks and their unsurpassed contribution to equitation in Egypt. I hope you enjoy this article and find the information within worthy of every minute you spent reading it.

"The Mamlūk (meaning slave in Arabic) was prepared, from as early as in childhood, to lead a life of struggle and political conflict. Surrounded by an atmosphere of conspiracies and assassinations, the Mamlūk put all his companions to the test of loyalty, but none measured up to his expectation except the Horse, in times of war as in times of leisure."

Click on the below link to download Part I of Horse and Horsemanship in Egypt:
Horse And Horsemanship In Egyptpart I